Superstar quarterback brothers Eli and Peyton Manning created a minor sensation last August when they released the "Football on Your Phone" rap courtesy of DirecTV's new app.

Well the duo are back at it again this year with another Lonely Island-esque rap video.

This year the Mannings are pimping DirecTV's new Fantasy Football channel with a video called "Fantasy Football Fantasy." Just to be honest, the "Football on Your Phone" rap — viewed over 8 million times on YouTube — was probably better. Though it also had the advantage of being new, since the song itself wasn't exactly KRS One on the mic.


The rapping this year is pretty pitiful, but I blame that more on whoever wrote the song, not the Mannings.

Some highlights of the video include Eli Manning floating into space, where he sees his father Archie, and Peyton inside the moon, an end zone with a waterfall in it and a football which breaks in half to reveal nachos.

It also has a couple surprisingly Jets-related cameos. New running back signee Chris Johnson appears to give someone his signature dreads, and legendary quarterback Joe Namath makes an appearance to cook dinner, and get a little bit too cozy, with "your mom."

If you didn't have the privilege of watching "Football on Your Phone" — and the hook is still stuck in my head — then you can take a look at that as well.

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