World Cup injuries soccer The beautiful game sometimes ain't so pretty. Credit: Getty Images


It's been common for many traditional U.S. sports fans in recent days to trash soccer players for being soft. Sure, the incessant flopping is maddening and American football players no doubt play through rolled ankles at a more frequent rate than that of futbol players. But some of the injuries that occur on the futbol pitch are all too legit and all too disgusting.

On Wednesday we saw the arm of Nigeria's Michel Babatunde snap in half - Kevin Ware-style - against Argentina. CLICK HERE TO SEE A VINE OF BABTUNDE'S INJURY


There are plenty of sickos out there that enjoy this type of thing, so forgive us for placating to the perverted. I mean, it's you that clicked on this story to begin with. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Here are a couple videos of the worst soccer injuries of all-time:

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