Being humble is "in" this year in basketball circles with the San Antonio Spurs having won the NBA title. Fittingly, just prior to San Antonio's Game 5, series-clinching victory, Jimmy Kimmel unveiled a new version of the popular segment "Mean Tweets," in which NBA players read and responded to offensive tweets directed at them. The likes of Paul George, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Jeremy Lin, Kris Humphries, Stephen Curry and Dwight Howard took the jabs in stride (mostly).

Some gems included:

From @ryanmf: "Jalen Rose, you're not very good at your new job. Your command of language is poor. Your analysis is subpar. Your inferiority to your peer.."


From @heartbrklambo: "I would kill my parents if they named me Paul George...that's an ugly ass name"

From @khobeaustin: "Jermy Lin need to git the weight room"

From @charliepascoo: "Deandre Jordan sucks my b****"

From @DavidMateDi: "@KrisHumphries F*** YOU! You're so pathetic! Seriously kill yourself please. XX"

From @aerienari: "Stephen Curry's facial hair is a little pubeyyyy. And while we're on the subject, your teeth need some work"

From @idisrespecthoez: "Damarcus Cousins is a emotional lesbian"

From watchj: "If anything ever happens to the guy that does the voice for Cookie Monster...I can sleep at night knowing we have Dikembe Mutumbo as backup."

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