Nick Foles This image would be an awesome Madden cover but Nick Foles likely won't make the cut with his underwhelming performance.
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It's that time of year when NFL football players with idle time make pitches to be on the upcoming Madden video game cover. While these players should be applauded for using their time off constructively (no NFLer has been accused of a homicide yet this spring), the term "'A' for effort" does not apply with certain players making Madden pitches - namely, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

Here is Foles' attempt to gain the votes of Madden fans. The video looks as though it was shot with a 2005 Motorola RAZR flip phone and Foles doesn't exactly cut a Bray Wyatt-like promo. Embrace the charisma:

"Hey Madden fans, it's Nick Foles. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. Just sending y'all a video to say 'Hey, vote for me.' I know there's a lot of Eagles fans out there. Fly Eagles Fly."


Ben Stein couldn't have said it better.

If you're in the mood to see how the Madden pitch is supposed to be done, see the videos below (and be sure to note the staple of all Rob Gronkowski offseasons in the first vid - the crutch):

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