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Video: Pro - Russia WWE wrestling manager uses Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in storyline

Video: Pro - Russia WWE wrestling manager Lana uses Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in storyline

Professional wrestling has long used controversial real news items to ramp up its fictitious storylines but many are questioning whether or not WWE (formerly WWF) went too far on its "Battleground" Pay-Per-View event Sunday night.

The villainous character "Lana" (real name C.J. Perry) has been praising the virtues of Russian President Vladimir Putin on TV for months in order to gain "heat" for Russian wrestler Alexander Rusev.

Sunday, prior to Rusev's match she indirectly spoke of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 tragedy, stating, "You blame Russia for the recent current events, when in fact you Americans should be scolded for your war mongering in Afghanistan and Iraq. You Americans should be insulted and afraid."

Perry also called United States President Barack Obama a "wuss" during the segment and talked about the strength of Putin as a picture of Putin's face was broadcast on a giant video screen above the wrestler's entrance way.


Here is Perry comparing Obama and Putin over a month ago:

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