Bill Simmons' popular podcast will return on Oct. 1, 2015.Getty Images

Bill Simmons, formerly of ESPN fame, won't start TV work on HBO until early 2016. But Simmons' popular podcast, The BS Report, will return (under a new name) on Thursday, Oct. 1.

"FYI: my podcast returns on October 1st. New name, new sponsors," Simmons tweeted out on Aug. 24.

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The return of the podcast will coincide with the start of the MLB playoffs - which no doubt means Jack-O will be weighing in on the Yankees' playoff chances - and the second month of NFL action - which no doubt means Simmons and Cousin Sal Iacono will be guessing the Week 4 betting lines.


Simmons has actually been keeping his fanbase up to date on this season's betting line contest with Iacono through his Instagram.

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