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Please withdraw responsibly from Brooklyn’s new Beer ATM

Randolph Beer in Williamsburg has been renovated to include a 24-tap Beer ATM.

Money is no longer the best thing you can withdraw from an ATM — meet the Beer ATM.

The self-serve beer wall is a new feature at Randolph Beer at 104 S. Fourth St. in Williamsburg, which opened back in 2013. By handing over a credit card at the bar, you get an ATM card that activates the 24 self-service taps to pour forth anywhere between a 1 oz. sample size to a 12 oz. “pint.”

To guide your selection, each tap’s screen displays information about the name, brewer, ABV, country of origin and tasting notes. Check it out in action on Insider:

Kyle Kensrue, a partner at Randolph Beer, told Insider that about half the taps feature beers from around New York City. “You get to pour yourself, experience, try different beers out, try stuff you’ve never had before,” he says.

Randolph Beer still has a regular bar and bartender, so the Beer ATM is more gimmick than the next step in interaction-free venues. And having options between tasting size and full-on pint is a great way to get familiar with more beers.

Try it for yourself, and for the sake of the already troubled J train, please drink responsibly.

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