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Plenty of 3D ‘comin at ya’ moments in Saw’s final cut

Last year, for the first time since the franchise’s debut film, a Saw feature failed to own the box office on Halloween. Funny still that Saw 6 was actually one of the best entries in the series, a deft thriller whose ample gore was matched by slick directorial style and a witty, clever script.

Shame then, that the viral juggernaut Paranormal Activity trumped it on its opening weekend, sending director (and long time series editor) Kevin Greutert packing.

But when Greutert got the call from Paramount pictures to helm Paranormal Activity 2, Saw studio Lions Gate and production company Twisted Pictures sneered and used a contractual loophole to literally drag Greutert back to film Saw 3D, the seventh and supposedly final entry.

“This has been a hard year,” says Gruetert who had to not only abort plans to make PA2, but also move back to Toronto from his native L.A.

“But at the end of the day, I didn’t want to let the fans down. I think we really made a film that continues the story but stands alone. I’m ultimately proud of this one.”

Saw 3D continues and climaxes the ongoing story of long dead anti-serial killer Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) whose disciples continue to use devious, flesh-ripping death traps to teach sinners lessons that are often painful and fatal. And all of this mayhem literally jumps off the screen in digital 3D.

“Needless to say there are plenty of ‘comin at ya’ moments,’” notes the talented filmmaker who aims for not only gore but psychological frissons in his work.

“There’s also tons of blood. We have an obligation to the hardcore horror fans to do that. It looks pretty damn great in 3D, I must say. After the sixth film, I certainly tried to top myself.”

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