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Plight of farm animals highlighted

Dozens of animal advocates walked to raise awareness for the plight of farm animals yesterday.

Now in its fifth year, the Ottawa Walk for Farm Animals works to improve conditions for cows, chickens, lambs, pigs and turkeys, said event co-organizer Susan Lawrence.

“There are 55-billion animals on farms that are slaughtered every year, and they mostly live in horrible conditions,” said Lawrence.

“It’s not necessary to have this kind of horror going on.”

Lawrence said the majority of people aren’t aware of what happens to animals on farms.

While there’s been growing awareness, especially in recent years, the more people learn about the issue the more likely they are to stop eating animal products, she said.

“I believe in trying to improve conditions for farm animals,” said Ottawa resident Diana Payne, who went vegetarian a decade ago after hearing about how some animals are treated.
“I’d like to become a vegan.”

The standards on Ottawa-area farms are typical for Canada, said Lawrence.

“Maybe some are not as bad as others, but it’s always bad.”

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