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Plus 15 balance needed: CDA

Calgary’s Plus 15 walkways might not be getting the full 10 count, but they likely won’t be as prolific in downtown’s future development.
While the city may be modifying their land-usage programs to ensure that not every building that goes up downtown will be guaranteed a Plus 15 walkway, Cheryne Lowe, 28, an avid sky-walker, thinks the nearly 16 kilometres of temperature-regulated paths are too handy to let fall by the wayside.
“It’s a few blocks from the bus to the train, so it’s definitely nice when it’s freezing to be able to walk inside. And when you’re going to meetings you don’t have to bundle up,” she said. “It’s a good place for business, you can get more businesses in the buildings this way, too.”
Calgary Downtown Association executive director Maggie Schofield said the city has their work cut out for them, as they not only need to ensure good sightlines for the beautification of the downtown core, but also find balance for the businesses near the Plus 15s and on the street level.
“The city is really trying to find that balance,” she said. “There’s sort of an expectation that there will be Plus 15s with every building that goes up and we’re moving away from that perception.”

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