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Podcast chronicles tale of Boston Strangler

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A new true-crime podcast gives “Serial”-like treatment to the case of the Boston Strangler.

But unlike “Serial,” which investigated the little-known killing of a teenage woman in Maryland, the 12-part “Stranglers” chronicles the infamous story of the Boston Strangler or stranglers, as the title suggests.

Over 19 months, between June 1962 and January 1964, at least 13 women were killed in Boston — most of them raped, their naked bodies staged in strange positions in their homes.

Boston-based journalist Portland Helmich hosts the weekly podcast, in which she will pore over the evidence and introduces the victims.

The case captured the public’s attention as the killing spree continued. Women in the Boston area lived in fear as the strangler appeared not to discriminate among age, race or class.

In 1964, Albert DeSalvo confessed to the killings, but in the 50 years since he was sentenced, doubts about the case have continued to swirl; at times people even believed there could be more than one Boston Strangler.

Several movies have either been inspired by the killings or directly chronicle them. Another movie, “Stranglehold,” directed by Barry L. Levy, is in the making.

The first episode of “Stranglers,” called “Sisters in Death,” aired Nov. 16. There are three episodes available for download on earwolf.com.

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