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Point-Counterpoint: Brady vs. Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie reportedly called Tom Brady an a—hole. So, will the loudmouth’s words come back to bite the Jets on Sunday?

Rex Ryan unleashed a war of words on a three-time Super Bowl winning coach. Now, Cromartie has done the same to a three-time Super Bowl winning QB. Will anyone gain from it??Metro’s beat writers debate once again.

Jimmy Toscano
Metro Boston Sports Writer

Wow, Antonio Cromartie. Calling Tom Brady an “a—hole”? That’s not setting a very good example for your illegitimate children.

As if Tom Brady needed another reason to constantly throw your way on Sunday. I’d like to think this remark would come back to bite the Jets, but to be honest; it’s just the Jets being the Jets. They’re like that pesky mosquito that just won’t stop buzzing around your ear. You keep swatting at it until you squash it. Cromartie better hope Brady doesn’t embarrass him, it’s a contact year and he’s got major child support to pay.

Either way, you can’t blame Cromartie for mouthing off. It’s his only means of communications. Apparently the guy can’t read, so writing a letter to Brady is probably out of the question.

Kristian Dyer
Metro New York Sports Writer

We’re sure that Tom Brady has his panties in a tighter wad than usual after this. But you know what, is Alcrotraz really that far off? Sneaking suspicion here, but we’re guessing that Gisele and Bridget Moynahan tend to agree.

Cromartie’s comments actually won’t come back to bite him because neither he nor Darrelle Revis factor prominently into the Patriots scheme. Brady will target any linebackers matched up on their pass-catching tight ends and corner Drew Coleman in the nickel package.

Even if the comments do come back to bite him, Cromartie should be OK. Pretty sure that one of his nine kids has to be teething at the moment. Surely he’s used to the occasional tooth imprint by now.