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Point-Counterpoint: Jets vs. Pats

Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick both get on plenty of nerves around the league. But which head coach is the most annoying?

It’s the ugly flip side of East Coast bias: Our sports figures are the target of plenty of ire from around the country.

Sometimes, though, they deserve it.

Neither Rex Ryan nor Bill Belichick is terribly well liked. But which is worse??We debate.

Jimmy Toscano
Metro Boston Sports Writer

So Rex Ryan wants to make this week’s game about him again? Yawn.

Is this guy still nipping at Belichick’s ankles? The fact is, he can’t hold a candle to Bill — nobody these days can.

Belichick is the first coach to win at least 14 regular-season games in four separate seasons. And when it comes to the postseason, he’s even better. How’s a 15-5 playoff record sound, Rex? Belichick’s .750 postseason winning percentage is second to Vince Lombardi — the guy whose name is on the Super Bowl trophy.

But congrats on finally beating Peyton Manning. You’re only seven years behind the other guy Sunday.

Kristian Dyer
Metro New York Sports Writer

Yes, even his detractors call Bill Belichick a “Hall of Fame coach,” but all but the most ardent of Belichick’s cult following have to admit that the sour-puss coach is annoying beyond belief.

For starters, the hooded sweatshirt has gone beyond quirky to reach psychopath style, a fashion statement that makes Sinbad’s windbreakers look classy. It’s as if Belichick studied that black and white sketch of the Unabomber and something just clicked.

Then there’s the way Belichick purses his lips to utter some bland, unimaginative comment on camera. We get it Bill. You think you’re smarter than us. You call it brains, we call it cheating.

We’ll go with Rex Ryan — foot fetish videos, flipping the bird to MMA fans and all — thank you very much.