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Police charge man with bringing loaded gun onto subway

A man caught evading the subway fare was arrested for bringing a loaded gun onto a C train at Spring Street, police announced today.

Just after 10 p.m. on Tuesday, police officers were aboard a Brooklyn-bound C train. As the subway pulled into the Spring Street station, they heard the tell-tale alarm of an emergency exit gate opening.

The officers said they saw a man run onto the train, headed from the direction of the area emitting the alarm. The suspect was acting nervously, police said, and kept adjusting his jacket while keeping his hand inside the pocket of the jacket.

The officers were concerned, and when the train stopped at the Canal Street, they tried to get the man to get off the train, but he began fighting with them, they said. The cops subdued him and placed him under arrest. After a search, the police said they found he was carrying a fully loaded .38 caliber Taurus revolver under his jacket.

Rahmeek Younger, 22, of Decatur Street in Brooklyn, was arrested.

This is not the first time police officers have caught someone evading the subway fare and arrested them for a much more serious crime.

In January police arrested a South Carolina man who tried to sneak into the Times Square subway station without paying. Police caught Allen Reggie, 33, trying to jump the turnstile. They said he had two loaded weapons on him at the time — a loaded Intratec Luger Tec-9 machine gun and a Smith and Wesson 45.