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Police go round on traffic circles

Police handed out a an education yesterday helping newcomers and native Edmontonians learn how to navigate traffic circles.

Armed with hundreds of pamphlets, Edmonton City Police officers stopped each car entering both the 142 Street and 118 Avenue traffic circles, urging them to take a closer look at how they negotiate the city’s roundabouts.

“This has been one of the highest collision intersections in the past three years,” said staff sergeant Barry Maron from the west-end traffic circle yesterday. “(Collisions) aren’t going down. We need to do something different.”

In a traffic circle, the vehicle on the right must yield to the vehicle on the left.

The Alberta Motor Association recommends the driver on the outside lane only travel to the next exit, and if they wish to go farther, to start from the inside lane. The driver on the inside lane must put on a right turn signal when they wish to exit. In theory, drivers on the inside lane always have the right-of-way.


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