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Police hope to avoid ‘tunnel vision’ in search for McCanns

Travis Vader started as a person of interest, now he’s being called a suspect in the case of the missing McCann couple, according to police.

Lyle and Marie McCann have been missing since they left their home in St. Albert on a road trip in July, and their son Bret said this brings his family one step closer to finding them.

“We’re very pleased that the investigation has progressed to this stage,” he said. “I think this brings us a step closer to finding my parents and a step closer to ending this nightmare.”

Sgt. Tim Taniguchi said the investigation is being considered a suspicious missing persons case in which it’s believed that foul play was involved.

“Mr. Vader has satisfied the legal obligation,” he said, regarding whether or not Vader has been cooperating with the investigation. “But we still have the outstanding matter of finding the McCanns.”

Taniguchi said while police have named Vader as a suspect, they’re still keeping an open mind.

“We don’t want tunnel vision,” he said. “Obviously there may be people that know things about the investigation, know Mr. Vader, maybe have seen the McCanns, and those are the people we need to speak to.”

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