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Police kill pit bull that attacked llama

A pit bull that had attacked a llama was shot dead by Langley RCMP after it charged an officer.

Mounties responding to a call about two pit bulls attacking an alpaca and a llama arrived at a property in the 1,400 block of 200 Street on Saturday morning to see one of the dogs hanging from the throat of the llama.

The animal was “bleeding profusely,” according to Cpl. Holly Marks. “The alpaca had also been attacked and bore notable wounds to its neck area.”

One of the Mounties used a Taser on the dog, which then let go of the llama’s neck and was momentarily stunned.

“(It) swiftly recovered and charged another officer at the scene,” Marks said in a release.

“Faced with death or grievous bodily harm, the officer fired his service pistol twice, wounding the animal.”

The pit bull survived and ran under a fence. When the officer approached it, the dog charged him.

“He fired three rounds,” Marks said.

The pit bull ran into a nearby barn where it was found dead moments later.

The second pit bull did not attempt to attack anyone and was seized by the Langley Animal Protection Society.

The injured llama was tended by a veterinarian and survived the ordeal.

According to police, the owner of the two dogs was a visiting guest of the property owner and may face charges related to the incident.

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