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Police: Knife-wielding assailant injures two cops at Wilmington train station

Mugshot of Seth Mather.
Courtesy of Wilmington Police Department

Two police officers in Wilmington were injured while trying to catch and arrest a knife-wielding 28-year-old Maynard man who had threatened people at a commuter rail station Wednesday.

Authorities say Seth Mather, used a knife to threaten two people near the Main Street train station around 3:40 p.m. The people, who weren’t identified by police, locked themselves in their cars while Mather yelled at them, police said. Mather allegedly slashed two tires.

He eventually ran off, jumping off a train platform as police chased him. Officer Louis Martigetti slipped on the icy platform during the chase, injuring himself.

Mather then allegedly turned on his pursuers. During a 25-minute standoff, Officer Paul Chalifour sustained a “serious laceration” while he was trying to remove the knife from Mather’s hand.

Pepper spray and so-called “sponge rounds” were used in an attempt to subdue Mather, but had no effect. Ultimately, an off-duty Concord police officer subdued Mather with a Taser.

Mather now faces charges of assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous, disorderly, resisting arrest and malicious destruction.

Mather was briefly evaluated at a local hospital before being released and booked.

He is expected to be arraigned Thursday in Woburn District Court.

“Today, our police officers put themselves between civilians and a dangerous, armed suspect. They showed tremendous restraint in defense of human life, despite a suspect who seemed intent on doing harm to them and others,” Wilmington Police Chief Michael R. Begonis said in a statement.

Begonis said Mather was not previously known to police. An investigation into his motive is ongoing.

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