Police suit to go on – Metro US

Police suit to go on

An Edmonton lawyer who was Tasered during Stanley Cup celebrations in 2006 says he’s suing police no matter the outcome of a Law Enforcement Review Board hearing.

Brian Fish filed an appeal with the board after an internal police investigation determined two officers who shoved the then 66-year-old lawyer to the ground and Tasered him were not in the wrong, and would not be charged.

“It was very clear they were exceeding their authority and behaving in a discreditable manner,” Fish told Metro yesterday.

He said he raised his hands in the air when an officer approached him after he refused to stop taking photos of an arrest during an infamous and chaotic Whyte Avenue riot following a crucial Stanley Cup game.

Nearly 400 people were arrested on Whyte Avenue that night, though two only received charges. Fish was never charged, though he said police threatened he would be.

His son Nigel Fish was also shoved to the ground and arrested after protesting his father’s treatment. Nigel claims he was verbally abused by police and says the effects have been lasting.

Brian said the incident has caused long-term effects, including post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

The hearing wrapped up Tuesday. Brian said he’s “sitting and waiting” for the outcome, though he’s filed a lawsuit against Chief Mike Boyd and the two officers involved, and will proceed, even if the board’s decision is in his favour.

“Had they accepted responsibility and apologized right up front, I probably would have let (the lawsuit) go. I would have chosen mediation. But no, they chose, in my view, to lie through their teeth,” he said.

Boyd wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit directly yesterday, but he did say, “We’re certainly awaiting the decision on the matter.”