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Political ambitions

You can call the title character of Dan For Mayor a lot of things, but don’t call him dumb.

“He’s not dumb. Not at all,” insists actor Fred Ewanuick, who plays the unlikely mayor of Wessex in the comedy series —which begins its second season June 5th on CTV.

“He’s just inexperienced. Naive. He’s being put in these situations he’s not familiar with. But he’s really trying to make an effort to be a good mayor.”

Still, audiences can be forgiven for thinking dumb.

For six seasons, Ewanuick played one of the most memorable Canadian TV idiots — Corner Gas’ lovable schlub Hank. It’s a character that’s hard to shake as you’re watching Mayor Dan make bad decision after bad decision.

“He’s definitely smarter than Hank. Dan’s intentions and his logic are always good. But it’s always best when he doesn’t try so hard to do the right thing.”

Fans of Dan For Mayor might be wondering where the comedy will go this season. Afterall, the show is called Dan For Mayor. What’s he going to do now that the election is over and he’s mayor?

“It’s a little different this year. There’s not that continuing kind of soap opera plotline. The episodes are self-contained. We also lost a few cast members to other jobs. But there’s some great new ones.”

The second season of Dan For Mayor premieres June 5th at 7:30 (ET) on CTV.