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Poll: Is the 7 train really the best subway line in the city?

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The old joke is that New Yorkers like complain. One thing they never do get tired of complaining about is their public transportation.

That’s why when the Straphangers Campaign comes out with one of their survey’s on the city’s subway system, it brings about a certain curiosity — and more complaints.

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On Thursday, the transit advocacy groupreleased its annual State of the Subways report, and the Metro office couldn’t help but debate its findings — especially how the 7 train was named the best line for the second year in a row.

So we decided to conduct our own survey, and the results were not that much different.

According to the Metro New York poll, the 7 was the best line with 26 percent of the vote, followed by the D at 12 percent, N with 8 percent and E at 7 percent. The most-hated subway, with 21 percent of the vote, was the R train, which ranked 14th best out of 19 lines in the Straphangers report, followed by the the 1 with 12 percent, F at 10 percent and A at 9 percent.

The Straphangers report noted that the B and 5 were the worst. They landed at about the same percent on both the worst and best in our survey (around 1 and 5 percent, respectively).

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Despite both surveys support of the 7 train, some riders feel it should be downgraded.

“It has degraded horrendously in the past year. Just look at the documented experiences on the 7 Train Blues Facebook page. Someone must have paid you to write this,”Bridget Rileywrote on Metro New York’s Facebook page.

And there may be some truth to Riley’s post.

7 Train Blues, a group started to advocate for better transit access in Queens, tweeted how it couldn’t believe the results of the Straphanger’s Campaign report after the 7 trainshut down for more than two hoursshortly after the group released its finding.

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