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Poll: Most Americans say ‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie


A timely poll released by Public Policy Polling(PPP) indicates thata majority of Americans don’t think “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie.

Cue the righteous outrage on that one.

Writing for GeekNation, Mike Holtz wondered, “Where did they find these people? We don’t know who they polled. For all we know they only asked audiences walking out of ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ screenings. Those people obviously are on a quest to be wrong in life and a penchant for pain.”

“Die Hard”is, of course,the action-packed Christmasclassic wherein Bruce Willis plays intrepid NYPDpolice officer John McClane fighting German terrorists led by the diabolical Hans Gruber, played fiendishly by Alan Rickman.

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The film also featuresChristmas on multiple levels: Willis’ character travels to Los Angeles on Christmas break to visit with his estranged wife Holly, there is an office Christmas party scene, and holiday cheer routinely intersperses with cinematic violence. Garland, presentsand Christmas lights are seen regularly in scenes, in fact.

The film has also been called the “perfect action movie”by The Guardian.

These facts notwithstanding, PPP reported that 62 percent of Americans polled think “Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie – with only 13 percent affirming that it is.

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