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POLL: Who should run for president in 2020?

We may be at the start of a new president’s term, but that doesn’t mean the politicial world can’t begin speculating about the 2020 candidates.

After a surprising loss, the Democrats have been reevaluting how they can recapture voters and later take back the White House in four years. So what candidates will be able to energize the base, appeal to more Americans and take on The Donald?

Familiar names have come up from 2016, including primary contender Bernie Sanders and vice presidential candiate Tim Kaine, along with the outgoing administration’s VP Joe Biden, and first lady Michelle Obama, who insists she will never run (but who hasn’t said that before).

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Then there are the rising Democrats from state governement and congress, particularly from the Northeast — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the state’s junior U.S. Sen.Kirsten Gillibrand, and former Newark mayor, now U.S. Sen. Cory Booker.

Hailing from farther up north is former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and fellow Bay Stater Elizabeth Warren. The liberal senator’s name was floated as a potential candiate for the 2016 presidential primary, but she decided to back Hillary Clinton.

There is also Julian Castro who was speculated to be a possible VP pick for Clinton. He served as San Antonio, Texas’ mayor and most recently as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in Obama’s administration since 2014.

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Lastly, with a reality star as our 45th president, a list of potential 2020 candidates can’t be complete without a celeb contender. Though people have joked about Kanye taking a stab at the Oval Office, Oprah may be the actual famous name that could take on Trump.

“Democrats would be better off if they ran Oprah or Tom Hanks,” Michael Moore said shortly after the election in November, according to The Guardian.“Why don’t we run beloved people? We have so many of them. The Republicans do this— they run Reagan and the Terminator and other people.”

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