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Pomeranian dognapped while tied up outside Williamsburg market

A pomeranian named Suki was dognapped outside of a Williamsburg market on Driggs Avenue early Sunday morning.

The suspect, a blonde woman who drives a Honda, was caught on security footage.

Gothamist reports that Suki’s owner, Yashoda Smith, is away on vacation in Greece, and left Suki under the care of her subletter and friend.

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“Her friend, who is dogsitting and also subletting Smith’s Williamsburg apartment, stopped by Khim’s Millenium Market at N. 11th Street to buy some chocolate around 4 this morning, leaving Suki tied up outside.”

Metro would like to point out the extraneous detail of someone going out to a market around four in the morning to buy some chocolate.

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Was it milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Were there almonds or toffee? Don’t leave us hanging, Gothamist.

Smith told Gothamist that Suki is a “very friendly” seven-year-old male that “doesn’t bark much.”

If you have any information regarding Suki’s whereabouts, or the suspected dognapper please call (646) 708-0711.

In addition, if you have any information as to why the dogsitter was buying chocolate at four in the morning on a weekend, or what kind of chocolate it was email me: Matthew.Lee@metro.us.

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