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Pop art sign of times

Decades from now, Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber may be seen as artistic visionaries whose cultural impact is studied by academics.

Then again, they could just disappear and become embarrassing reminders of people getting caught up in the zeitgeist of the moment.

That is the nature of pop art. For the most part, it is disposable. Its creators thrive for the 15 minutes that patron saint Andy Warhol has allotted to them, then they start the ignoble descent into parody, oblivion and then nostalgic rebirth.

So what better place for MuchMusic VJ Sarah Taylor to promote the Much Music Video Awards, than the National Gallery of Canada’s new Pop Life exhibit among the bright and glowing works of Warhol, Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami and others.

The pop art exhibit displays the work of some amazing contemporary artists. The exhibit showcases some great pop artists of the past — like Warhol’s Grace Jones and Mick Jagger pieces.

“They were icons,” said Taylor. “The MMVAs on June 20 are going to have some great pop icons of right now — Drake, Justin Bieber, and Adam Lambert. Their faces will be in these exhibits some day.”

MuchMusic’s annual street party awards show is being hosted by Bieber and Cyrus.
The Pop Life exhibit opened to the public on Friday and runs until Sept. 19.

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