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Pornhub helps combat Zika


Those fearless enough to enter the Zika infested city of Rio to watch the 2016 Olympic games are being rewarded for their bravery with a happy ending. Well, sort of.

The CDC has classified the Rio de Janeiro area as Alert Level 2, meaning everyone must exercise enhanced precautions to protect themselves from being infected with the Zika virus. Infections are primarily spread through mosquito bites, but can also be contracted through sexual intercourse. That’s why people are being told not to have sex in areas affected by the virus, or at the very least to use a condom.

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Pornhub recognizes that remaining abstinent in one of the sexiest cities in the world is almost as hard as winning an Olympic gold medal. That’s why they’re offering Rio residents, athletes and visitors a free membership to Pornhub Premium, because if you can’t have sex yourself, at least you can watch others doing it.

The “Oohlympics” campaign has taken Rio’s lemons and made lemonade by helping keep people safe from the Zika virus in the most enjoyable way possible. Team Pornhub will be traveling to Brazil on Aug. 5and 6to hand out Zika protection kits with bug spray, tissues and lube, as well as the gift cards for Pornhub Premium, valued at $9.99 a month.

“The goal of this entire campaign is to raise awareness on Zika and inform the public on protective measures they can take to help prevent contracting and spreading the disease,” Pornhub VP Corey Price told Cosmopolitan.

Everyone who is treated to a Pornhub Premium gift card can also pick the country they’re supporting. The top three countries with the most membership signups by the official closing ceremonies will be awarded bronze, silver and gold medals. So if you want to support your country, enjoy some of the millions of ad-free, guilt-free videos on Pornhub — it’s all in the pursuit of health safety and nationalism.

Those keeping up with the Olympics from inside their Zika-free (hopefully) homes can also participate in the campaign through Aug. 21 by visiting the “Ooohlympics” website and signing up for a one-month free trail of Pornhub Premium. Brazil is currently in the lead with 15 signups, followed by a tie between the United States and France with 9 signups each.

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