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Pornhub turning Mayweather/McGregor money fight into a money shot for you


Two half-naked men exchanging (ahem) blows is nothing new for adult entertainment site Pornhub and the countdown to the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight is ticking down to the final days.

Why mention both in the same breath? If you love porn and you love boxing, you’ll be so glad you asked.

Pornhub Floyd “Money(shot)” Mayweather/Conor McGregor contest

Ahead of Saturday’s fight, Pornhub (link NSFW) is asking its fans of fapping to pick a side: Mayweather or McGregor. If your man wins, you win free access to the HD, on-demand streaming service, Pornhub Premium.

The odd are currently 4:1 in favor of Mayweather, according to Pornhub, so selecting Mayweather to win will score you one free week of premium porn. If underdog McGregor gives the boxer a pounding, those who bet on the Irishman will win four free weeks of the streaming service.

You can sign up or login here to join the “trading blows” contest to turn a money fight into a money shot. Can’t beat that! (wink, wink)

Who pays for porn these days?

Why go premium if you can get free porn?

According to the adult video platform, Pornhub Premium offers ad-free content, faster playback and higher quality streaming on the millions of videos currently on available on Pornhub, as well as the largest collection of exclusive full-length HD adult titles available in 1080p resolution.

Also, since you don’t need a credit card to enter the contest, you can take your free week of fun and run.

Bobby Box reviewed the “Netflix of porn” and tried out the $9.99 monthly service for askmen.com. Box noted that the clips on the premium service are longer and skin flick aficionados have access to more full-length DVDs.

Porn content includes titillating titles from porn production companies like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Digital Playground and Fake Taxi. Those sites are owned by MindGeek, which also owns Pornhub.

Not convinced yet?

“Premium members are also granted access to exclusive, members-only programs, similar to Netflix — their latest being ‘Full Holes,’ a ‘Full House’ parody, which was damn good, as far as porn parodies go,” Box wrote.

Well, damn.