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Post Malone says Justin Bieber is his ‘big brother’

Post Malone says Justin Bieber is his ‘big brother’

Beneath the hip hop rapper and producer Post Malone is a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Throughout Malone’s songs, there’s a twang—an ode to country . It’s something that’s from his time spent in Texas.
Last year, Malone first grabbed fans’ attention with his single “White Iverson” — something that launched his career altogether. Lucky for him, the 20-year-old has found himself supporting Justin Bieber on his U.S. tour. Along the way, he’s found himself a mentor in Bieber as he prepares to release a mixtape and his debut album.
We caught up with Malone about his latest single, touring with Justin Bieber and “the incident” that caught the world’s attention.
Tell me about the story behind your latest single “Go Flex.” It’s such an amalgamation of different genres.
I started working with a couple of guys in LA named Rex and Ryan. I played guitar for them once, and they were like, let’s incorporate both sounds and make something cohesive, but different at the same time. That’s how the sound and the idea for the song came about.
How did the success of “White Iverson” change your life?
It’s probably the biggest change that I would have ever imagined. It’s super surreal that I went from absolutely nothing to touring around the United States and playing shows everywhere. It’s probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me.
Who did you grow up listening to? How did these artists inspire your music now?
Well, my dad showed me the beauty of every type of music — from Metallica and Megadeth to Tupac and N.W.A. I really listened to everything. When I moved to Texas, I came into folk and old school country by myself. I really listen to everything. I know everybody says that, but I really learned to appreciate every genre and artist for who they are for the energy they’re trying to convey.

Obviously, you’ve been performing with Justin several times so far. What’s your favorite song off of his latest record “Purpose”?

There are so many. He’s so talented. It’s so crazy watching him work. It’s really inspiring. “Love Yourself,” “Sorry” and “Company” are dope. They’re all dope. It’s impossible for him to make a bad song.
Have you two performed on stage together yet on tour?
No, we haven’t performed together yet. But, there may or may not be stuff in the works soon.
Possibly a studio collaboration between you two?
I can’t say anything.
Let’s talk about that incident with Justin Bieber. Are you guys good? What happened? Is there bad blood?
Of course not. That’s my big brother. He gave me the biggest blessing in the world. He’s shown me positivity in times where there was only negativity in my brain. We were sitting in a club in Houston, and he was like, “Let’s make everybody think that we’re mad at each other.” And it really worked. We were just messing around. I woke up and my manager was like, “Bro you’re in an English newspaper.”
What are you working on for the rest of 2016?
I know I’ve been saying this, but we have a mixtape coming out soon. The album comes out in August. I want to do more shows and show everyone who I am, really. I’m collaborating with a lot of super dope people, and I can’t disclose a lot of information, but there are a lot of cool collabs on [my album]. I’m excited to bring some more flavor to the table.

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