Pot bears’ stash stolen from police - Metro US

Pot bears’ stash stolen from police

Thieves stole from police the marijuana that was confiscated from a plantation being guarded by bears, and this time used dynamite to protect their stash, RCMP said.

“Someone broke through the fence in the back, broke into the storage locker and stole the marijuana,” Staff Sgt. Dan Seibel said. He added the pot was later located in Greenwood, B.C.

Justin Douglas faces charges related to possession of marijuana and 19 sticks of dynamite.

Mounties suspect an explosives maker is distributing dynamite to B.C. pot growers.

When officers busted an unrelated marijuana grow-op in Christina Lake on Aug. 22, they found dynamite with identical lot numbers to the sticks found in the black bear grow-op bust, said Staff Sgt. Dan Seibel.

“We are trying to determine the source of this dynamite and see if it was stolen,” he said.

“It’s possible one person is selling dynamite to local criminals.”

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