Pot luck? Denver allows marijuana use in restaurants – Metro US

Pot luck? Denver allows marijuana use in restaurants

Pot luck? Denver allows marijuana use in restaurants

Despite the country’s divide, we’re pretty sure the majority of Americans would vote for four more years of Veep Joe Biden memes.

Pizza, the depressed polar bear who lived in a shopping mall in China, has been reunitedwith his parents, but it might not be a permanent fix.

What exactly is a sanctuary city?

He can’t drive 55! This guy in Oklahomawas clocked at 208 mph by a state trooper.

Space Jam turned 20.

While you were working,Paul Ryan was re-nominatedfor House speaker.

Forget Velcro, ya lazybums.Nike’s self-lacing kicksare out, but only if you have the moolah.

WikiLeaks founderJulian Assange’s cat dressed to the nine-livesfor his human’s questioning by Swedish officials.

What a smeowgasbord! ? #cheese

A photo posted by Embassy Cat (@embassycat) on

After the Brexit, where willEurope’s drug regulating agencybe?

Denver might become thenext hot place in the United States for toking travelers.

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