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‘Power couple’ to celebrate wedding anniversary on DNC floor

Diana Hatsis-Neuhoff and her husband, Rick Neuhoff, will celebrate their 19th wedd
Alexis Sachdev

The old saying goes that it’s impolite to discuss money, religion or politics at the dinner table. For one Florida couple attending the Democratic National Convention, at least politics is a regular topic in their household.

Rick Neuhoff and wife Diana Hatsis-Neuhoff are aself-proclaimed “Palm Beach power couple” and political powerhouse in their southern Florida community who trekked to Philadelphia as pledged Bernie Sanders delegates.

On Thursday, they’ll also be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary at the Wells Fargo Center.

They’ve spent 16 years in politics together, but there’s no impoliteness about that. Hatsis-Neuhoffsaid working in politics has never affected their marriage.

“Only positively,” she laughed, handing over the couple’s shared business card, with Hatsis-Neuhoff on one side and her husband on the other.

“Because we always have each other’s backs,” the couple chirped in unison.

It all began in the third row at aYes concert in Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre. Hatsis-Neuhoff worked for the band andher now-husband managed a recording studio.

“He asked me to sing on his album,” Hatsis-Neuhoff said. That album was Fountains of Gold by band Un1son.

“We were New Yorkers, turned gray, flew south 20 years ago,” Hatsis-Neuhoff said, adding that at that time the couple was not politically involved.

But after the Sept. 11 attacks, “we got tired of yelling at the TV and the TV was not answering us back,” she added.

At that point she and her husband joined their local Democratic Party, and soon the pair was making phone calls, knocking on doors and have now worked on countless campaigns. Neuhoff also ran for Palm Beach County Commission four years ago.

Four years later, theduo had photographers and reporters flocking to their corner of the floor for photo ops and interviews. Mostly because of their outfits, which they crafted together in front of the TV.

“Us being able to do this together, it’s really neat,” Hatsis-Neuhoff said.

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