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Power up your diet with protein

If I told you about a food that raises your metabolism every time you eat it, that boosts your immunity, and speeds fat loss, wouldn’t you eat more of it?

You would think so, except many of my clients (listen-up ladies!) tend to neglect this food for fear they may turn into a body-builder.

Can you guess? Why yes, it’s protein. And no, I’m not referring to a high protein diet, where carbs such as bread, pasta and grains are replaced with steak, bacon and cheese.

I’m talking about pure, naturally lean sources of protein. Think all-white, hormone-free chicken breast, eggs, legumes, lean red meats such as bison or grass-fed beef, fish and certain dairy products.

For the best metabolism-boosting benefits, try to include a protein source with every meal and snack. My favourites include:1-2 scoops of pure, whey protein added to a smoothie; a handful of almonds with plain, organic yogurt; grilled chicken breast or light tuna on a salad, plus wild salmon, tempeh and black beans.

However you choose it, powering-up with protein is a sure way to a leaner, healthier body.

Happy eating.

Larry Track is a leading fitness trainer, owner of TRACK Fitness in Toronto, Ontario, and contributing expert. Find more healthy news at DailySqueeze.ca.

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