Prepare for long delays as Fairview construction begins today - Metro US

Prepare for long delays as Fairview construction begins today

The first of many long Mondays for commuters starts today, as construction begins on the Fairview overpass.

The construction is scheduled to run every weekday for about six months and city planners have confirmed there will be traffic delays, though they’re trying to keep up to three lanes open.

Transportation Minister Bill Estabrooks didn’t sugar coat things last week. He said there will be traffic jams but drivers will just have to make do.

“Look, the work has to be done,” he said.

“There will be some delays, there’s going to be some inconveniences and people are going to be impatient and so on. I ask for people to please be patient with the project because when it’s done you’re going to see a safer overpass and a better system.”

The $5-million renovation project came about after inspections showed the overpass was in need of significant repairs. The design of the structure is similar to an overpass in Laval, Que. that collapsed and killed five people three years ago.

Estabrooks urged drivers to take public transit, drive alternative routes or look into altering the hours they go to and from work. There will not be any reversing lanes because they were seen as posing a risk to workers.

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