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President Obama joins Instagram — Will bangs and Ray-Bans follow?

Something is in the cyber air this week. First Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter to the tune of nearly 106,000 followers in his first four days. Now President Barack Obama joins Instagram!

The President already has Facebook and Twitter accounts, but now he’ll be connecting with voters through the popular iPhone app. President Obama and his staff will be sharing photos through the 2012 election process and asking supporters to send photos with the hash tag #obama2012, according a blog post from Instragram.

“We’re excited to welcome President Barack Obama to Instagram! We look forward to seeing how President Obama uses Instagram to give folks a visual sense of what happens in the everyday life of the President of the United States,” said the post.

So far, President Obama has shared a few photos of himself making public appearances along the campaign trail.

He receives hundreds of comments on each photo from other Instagram users that range from, “Your the best! I love you! True inspiration,” to “Dear Mr. President, Do a better job. Thanks.”

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