President Trump says court system is broken and unfair
President Trump attends a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. Credit: Getty Images

A new poll gave President Trump several pieces of bad news on Wednesday night: After the Trump first year, 39 percent of Americans would give his presidency a failing grade, while a large majority think he is dishonest, lacks leadership skills and is unfit to serve as president.


Despite this, Trump tweeted out portions of the poll on Thursday. The survey by Quinnipiac found that 69 percent of Americans think Trump is not level-headed, while 63 percent say he is not honest, and 57 percent he is not fit to serve as president.


In terms of grading, the poll found that the largest portion of respondents, 39 percent, give Trump an "F" for this first year in office, while 17 percent give him a "D," 16 percent give him a "A," 16 percent give him a "B" and 11 percent give him a "C."


Overall, Americans give positive marks to the economy but aren't quick to give Trump credit. A total of 66 percent say the economy is "excellent" or "good" — an all-time high since Quinnipiac began asking the question in 2001, which the president tweeted Thursday morning — but 49 percent say former President Barack Obama is responsible, compared to 40 percent who think Trump is responsible.


At the same time, 59 percent of respondents said that Trump doesn't care about average Americans. While 73 percent say their personal financial situation is "excellent or good" (compared to 26 percent who say it's "not good" or "poor"), only 24 percent say Trump's policies are helping their personal financial situation, 26 percent say his policies are hurting them, and 47 percent say they're making no difference.

The poll held a few positives for the president: 59 percent say he is "a strong person," with 39 percent disagreeing. Fifty-three percent say he is intelligent, while 44 percent say he is not. Overall, Americans believe Trump is not fit to serve as president, 57 percent to 40 percent, and that he doesn't share their values, 65 percent to 32 percent.