Hollywood has a reputation for being liberal, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of celebrities who support Trump.

We were all reminded this recently when Kanye West reinstated his refunct Twitter account, announced he was writing a mostly freeform “book” and express his support for number 45. That’s right, you can now count Kanye among the number of celebrities who support Trump. Other celebrities didn’t take the news so well, texting him privately about it (he later made them public by tweeting the exchanges anyway), then there was Chance the Rapper’s reaction.

He stood by Kanye’s right to express whatever he wanted on the social media platform, a supportive tweet that Trump misconstrued as a semi-endorsement. Chance the Rapper quickly made it clear that, though he stands by Yeezy’s right to tweet whatever his heart desires, you can’t add him after Kanye to the list the celebrities who support Trump.

So what does that list look like? We went ahead and started compiling as many celebs who support Trump as we could find. It’s a longer list than you might think, and we’re including people who, though they haven’t official endorsed him, have given interviews praising Trump and his controversial practices and policies.


celebrities who support trump o'neill meeting

Some of these names won’t surprise you. After the president called her personally to congratulate her on the success of the Roseanne reboot, it’s pretty obvious that you can count Roseanne as one of the celebrities who support Trump. Other you’ll be able to guess based purely on their publicly expressed disdain for Trump’s opponent in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, there are celebs who support Trump that will shock you — and the list just keeps getting longer.

Keep checking back with Metro US as we update and expand this collection.

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