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Donald Trump Jr. got poor reviews for a fashion choice he made at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll: An American flag pin that read "Deplorable."

The reference is to Hillary Clinton calling half of Trump supporters "the basket of deplorables." She was referring to people who are "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.” But a number of Trump supporters have omitted the context and are now proudly self-identify as "deplorables" — including the president's son, who decided to literally wear it as a badge to a holiday celebration for children.

"Esquire" writer Jonathan Evans found the statement risible. "It's profoundly stupid! And completely inappropriate for an official event like the one he was attending, frequented, as it is, by innocent children and magical rabbits," he wrote. "But it's not just dumb and unfit for the occasion. It's also badly executed! Next time, just stick with the classic red, white, and blue."

There is more going on with Trump Jr. lately, and the questionable accessorizing could be symptomatic of the middle-aged fashion freakout common to the newly separated or divorcing. Which Trump Jr. is; he and wife Vanessa filed for divorce last month.


Yahoo Lifestyle speculated that Trump Jr. was indulging in that time-worn strategy of the newly single: An attempt to get a fresh look. The president's eldest son has been posting Instagram stories of himself doing CrossFit workouts and getting a new hairstyle. "Time to chop the mullet off," he wrote. "Don Jr. may be taking a page from Khloé Kardashian and working on his revenge body," posited Yahoo.

Trump Jr. might want to lay low for a while. The weeks following the divorce filing have been filled with uniquely unflattering headlines. It was reported that he had an affair with "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Aubrey O'Day, whom he met on the show (which, of course, was hosted by his father). Then there were the stories about him DMing flirtily with another model, during his marriage, about tampons and bacon.

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