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First there were the super long ties, now there’s the Donald Trump wrist watch debate.

The Donald has never been one to do things the traditional way, from possibly intimidating a witness over Twitter to violating people’s First Amendment rights, well, over Twitter. But when it comes to clothing controversies, long ties are hardly tantalizing news. After all, POTUS is usually rushed, which means he has better things to do than check that the length of his tie is traditional — especially if it’s on and already tied.

But watches? Watches are difficult to do wrong. You buy your size, you slip it on, maybe there’s a clasp to cinch together. But there’s really no room for error with a timepiece. One would think.

But Donald Trump doesn’t play by the watch-wearing rules, apparently. As one Twitter user points out, the 45th president of the United States cares for a bit of a snugger fit than average. We’re under exaggerating. The difference between how big Donald Trump's wrist watch strap should be and how big it is in actuality is yuge.


Comedian Joe Mande — you might know him from "Parks and Recreation" or "Modern Family" — captured four distinct shots of Trump squeezing his wrist into a watchband that’s a solid inch too tight. This eagle-eyed critic might be focused on the aesthetics of this fashion faux pas, but we’re worried about the political implications.

Could this be why Trump latches onto handshakes with such tenacity? Does he lose all feeling in his hand and, with it, the ability to sense whether he’s dropped the hand of today’s poor dignitary that got in the handshake danger zone?

Few people are qualified to speak to these theories, though Trump is slowly upping his number of handshake combat opponents, and Neil Gorsuch, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron — who bested Trump in his most recent battle — have yet to comment.

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