Eric Trump
Eric Trump just wants the GOP to stand up for his father, the "voice of this country." Photo: Getty Images

While Eric Trump isn’t quite Tiffany “The Obscure,” he is sort of the Danny DeVito twin to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1988 movie “Twins.” He’s just not Donald Jr.

Junior is so over his father’s presidency and the whole investigation into possible shady dealings during a meeting with a Russian government lawyer is surely hastening his desire for this nightmare to be over.

Eric Trump, however, is still pulling out the pom-poms and cheering for #TeamTrump. On Monday night, Eric Trump told Sean Hannity that the people luuurve his father.

Because President Trump is totally popular, Eric wants you to know! OK, daddy didn’t win the popular vote in 2016. There are all kinds of investigations happening around him and the turnover rate in his administration is higher than that fast food joint around the corner from your office.

But, damnit, the most powerful man in the Twitterverse world deserves a champion.

“I want somebody to start fighting for him,” Eric Trump said of the president. “How much weight does he have to carry by himself? My father has the voice of this country. The people of this country love him. Why wouldn’t [Republicans] get in line?”

President Trump is making history. His ratings after six months in office are at historic lows — his six-month approval ratings are the lowest for any president in the past 70 years.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that only 36 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance as president. A Bloomberg poll found that Trump had a 40 percent approval rating.

President Barack Obama had a 59 percent approval rating six months into his first term.

President Trump also seems hurt that members of his own party don’t have his back.

“It's very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President,” he tweeted in July.

Is the GOP party turning its back on the president or has Trump just gone full-on emo?

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