how long has donald trump jr. been married
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As details emerge about the extra-marital exploits of The Donald’s eldest son, it’s natural if your thoughts turn to Vanessa Trump, the woman on whom he was cheating. But how long has Donald Trump Jr. been married, and at what point did all of these flings infiltrate their relationship?


The two certainly didn’t have the most auspicious start: Donnie’s dad tried to introduce Vanessa to his son twice the night they met, and she later referred to her soon-to-be husband as “the one with the retarded dad.” Despite the disastrous first introduction, the two eventually tied the knot and became the power couple we’ve known from their orbit near the Trump White House.


How long has Donald Trump Jr. been married?

Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump (nee Haydon) walked down the aisle at daddy’s Mar-a-Lago club back in 2005. They have five children together — Kai (10), Donald III (9), Tristan (6), Spencer (5) and Chloe (3) — and Vanessa is known in the family as somewhat of a force of nature for managing this extensive troupe of little Trumps. Ivanka Trump has even called her “Wonder Woman” in the past for being such a strong mother.


The two appear to be parting amicably despite the dirt on Donnie heading into the divorce filings; they even issued a joint statement about their divorce that claimed they “will always have tremendous respect for each other.” But how long has Donald Trump Jr. been married? The couple is separating after 12 years of marriage.


how long has donald trump jr. been married aubrey oday


Vanessa has more complaints than the infidelity, though. Apparently the impecunious state in which Donnie Jr keeps his soon-to-be-ex is unbearable for the former model, a close friend told Page Six. (Read: He’s cheap.) Two sources told Page Six similar stories about Vanessa’s financial woes after getting married to Donald Trump Jr, even saying she “can very rarely pick up a check at dinner.”

A rep denied that the soon-to-be-single Vanessa Trump is unhappy, doubling down on the exact claim the couple made in their joint statement on the divorce: “Don and Vanessa have tremendous respect for each other and always have.” But maybe that’s just a cover for catching her husband and pop star-turned-Playboy model Aubrey O’Day through their emails back and forth.