Melania Trump meets Vladimir Putin
Credit: Getty Images

A video of Melania Trump meeting Vladimir Putin has gone viral because of the look on her face after she greets the Russian president during a historic summit in Helsinki, Finland earlier this week.

On Monday,  President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin had its own set of issues for a variety of reasons, but it was the look on Melania Trump’s face when she met president Vladimir Putin that made this one of the most awkward Melania Trump moments to date and it was captured on camera for the entire world to see.

When President Trump introduced the first lady to the Russian president, they both smiled and casually greeted each other with a warm and friendly handshake but as soon as their hands released, Melania Trump either looked terrified or has the uncanny ability to turn off a smile in a nanosecond. Or both.

The awkward Melania Trump moment happened so fast, you have to pay close attention to the video clip. If you watch closely, you’ll notice Melania Trump turns her smile upside down so fast it’s cringe-worthy. 


Awkward Melania Trump moment meeting Vladimir Putin

You just can’t unsee this. The way she switches her expression is uncanny.

This isn’t the first time Melania Trump shared had an awkward moment in the presence of her husband Donald Trump.  On at least two occasions the first lady has dodged her husband’s hand or swatted it away in public. 

And when it comes to switching her facial expressions in a heartbeat, it appears that she did something similar during Donald Trump’s inauguration. When Trump turned around to say something to the soon-to-be first lady, she smiled and nodded at the president.

Melania Trump face at inauguration

As soon as Trump turned back, her face quickly appeared to turn dark and grim. We’re not sure if Melania Trump has mastered the fake smile or if she’s purely terrified. We do know both times she switched her expression appear similar in tone, begging the world to wonder what exactly is going on in her mind. 


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