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A new video appearing to show Melania Trump avoiding President Trump’s hand again is creating buzz on social media and adding to the running list of awkward moments the couple have shared together. 

On Monday, President Trump and first lady Melania Trump left the White House for a day trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. As the two walked across the White House lawn to board a helicopter it appears Melania Trump introduces a new technique to avoid holding her husband's hand. Instead of swatting President Trump’s hand away it appears that the first lady wore her coat over her shoulders to hide her hand from her hubby.

In the beginning of the NBC News clip, you can see President Trump attempt to reach for Melania’s hand, but it wasn’t there. It appears that she has it hidden underneath her coat. The two continue their walk across the White House lawn before boarding Marine One. 

As soon as the video footage was released people took to Twitter to share their theories about how Melania Trump never wants to hold President Trump’s hand.

Twitter reacts to Melania Trump avoiding President Trump’s hand

This isn’t the first time people have accused Melania Trump of avoiding PDA with her husband.

In May 2017, a video showing Melania Trump swatting President Trump’s hand away in Tel Aviv went viral. Two days later another video of Melania appearing to avoid President Trump’s hand emerged as they stepped off  a plane in Rome. 

While it’s not clear if the first lady intentionally avoided her husband’s hand this time, but if she did, she definitely has a new trick up her sleeve. 

We'll never know.

Melania Trump Yellow Coat Avoids Trump's Hand

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