Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity. (Photo: Flickr)

Legal analysts have described President Trump as a "nightmare client" because, for one, "he doesn't listen." But he does take some people's calls. So, who can call Donald Trump directly?

In fact, the president's inner phone circle is very specific, and limited to seven individuals who can dial him directly. How many of them still want to is unclear. But New York magazine reported these names are on the "cleared callers" list, people who can get patched right through to Trump by the White House switchboard. Meet the seven people who can call Donald Trump when the whim strikes.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump

No surprise that these two can call Donald Trump. The president's sons get immediate access, a predictable arrangement that troubles ethics experts. Lacking an official White House position like sister Ivanka, they two are charged with running the Trump Organization in New York City. After originally promising not to talk business with his father, Eric said that he would continue to "update" his dad on the company. "My father and I are very close,” Eric told Forbes. “I talk to him a lot. We’re pretty inseparable.”

Steven Schwartzman

The billionaire CEO of the Blackstone Group, longtime Republican and Trump's Palm Beach neighbor didn't donate to Trump's presidential campaign or endorse Trump, but now he is " one of Trump’s most generous donors, as well as a key adviser with rare and regular access to the president," reports the Washington Post. He has been advising the president to maintain a cordial relationship with China and prevent a trade war. Schwartzman's angle: The Chinese government used to own a piece of Blackstone, which still does a lot of business in China.


Rupert Murdoch

Described as "frenemies with benefits," Trump and the Fox News CEO relationship have a complicated relationship. In "Fire & Fury," Michael Wolff reported that Murdoch called Trump a "f---ing idiot." But Trump reveres Murdoch, CNN reports, giving him his ear — and a hand in picking the head of the FCC and obstructing the AT&T/Time Warner merger, which would benefit Murdoch's competitor CNN.

Tom Barrack

The billionaire real-estate developer is reportedly one of Trump's oldest friends, their relationship going back decades. How often does he call Donald Trump? Their communication is supposedly so free-flowing that the Associated Press reported on May 5 that Barrack had been interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller about potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and financial matters relating to the transition and inauguration.

Robert Kraft

Formerly a Democrat and Obama donor, the co-owner of the New England Patriots went all-in for Trump in 2016, donating $1 million to his campaign. He even sent Trump his Super Bowl ring after the Patriots' win in 2017.

Sean Hannity

The Fox News host has become a constant adviser to the president. New York reports that the Fox News host and the president talk almost every weeknight after 10pm, when the live broadcast of "Hannity" ends. The show is essentially a long nightly defense of everything Trump. "Regardless of the news of the day, the overarching narrative of the show is the political persecution of Trump, and by extension of Hannity and Hannity’s viewers, at the hands of the so-called deep state and the Democratic Party, and the corrupt mainstream media, a wholly owned subsidiary of both," says New York. "Everything comes back to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, a phony, petty diversion from what should be the real focus: prosecuting Hillary Clinton."