Project Trumpmore Trump face glacier
Photo: Project Trumpmore

Taking activist street art to sea level, a Finnish group aims to raise $500,000 so they can carve President Trump's face into a glacier and livestream it melting. The project lends several metaphors to an administration that can't be accused of being poetic: It's partly a takeoff on Trump's reported desire to be carved into Mount Rushmore, said Nicolas Prieto, leader of Project Trumpmore.

It's also a statement on Trump's climate-change denialism. "One of the biggest reasons we picked Trump is his pulling back from the Paris climate agreement," said Prieto in the New York Daily News on Wednesday.

Last summer Trump withdrew the United States from the global accord, leaving the U.S. and Nicaragua as the only countries in the world that rejected the initiative to combat global warming.

It isn't clear where Project Trumpmore will be built, if it is. The sculpture is intended to be 120 to 150 feet tall before it begins melting. The group is still setting up crowdfunding pages but is open to a single sponsor, the Daily News said.


The message behind Project Trumpmore

The group wants the whole world to see the process of climate change as it happens, said Prieto. They did a test run with a 10-foot-tall Trump ice sculpture last month.

As president and on the campaign trail, Trump has repeatedly dismissed climate change as a "hoax" perpetrated by China. It isn't clear if Trump has changed that view after tweeting on Sunday that he wanted to save jobs at the Chinese cell-phone company ZTE — which has been sanctioned by the U.S. over Iran and whose technology is considered by U.S. intelligence to be a vehicle for spies — or after the Chinese government provided $500 million in loans last week to an Indonesian resort project that will directly enrich the Trump Organization.

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