Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (Photo: Getty Images)

What's the easiest way to tell if White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is lying during the daily press briefings, aside from the demonstrable untruths she tells from the podium? It's in her body language, experts say.

Refinery 29 spoke with body-language experts Jack Brown and Patti Wood, who noted that Sanders displays some of the following tells:

Literally talking out of the side of her mouth. At times, such as when she had to answer questions about Trump's relationship to porn star Stormy Daniels in March, Sanders seems to be speaking from one corner of her lips. It's a sign of "bravado and hubris, or insincerity and deception" that Sanders frequently employs, said Brown, adding that athletes often do it to show swagger after a game. That kind of facial asymmetry happens when someone "habitually feels one thing and says another, or keeps their true feelings in," said Wood. That's because there's a disconnect between the emotional and thoughtful parts of the brain, "where you can consciously control thoughts and words and create lies."

Not correcting herself. When Sanders misspeaks — even when it comes to simple mispronounced words — she rarely corrects her misstatements. It's"a sign of a lack of objectivity and sincerity," said Brown. "It's a small lie indicative of bigger lies." Adds Wood: It "can also be an indication of the mental fatigue from deceit, which puts a high cognitive load on the brain."


Inappropriate smiling. On Feb. 20, Sanders was responding to a reporter's question about a Trump tweet, in which he suggested the FBI overlooked the Parkland school shooter because they were distracted by the Russia investigation. Her answer was laborious ("I, I, I think he was speaking, ahh, not necessarily that that is the, the, the cause ") and at one point, she showed a barely suppressed smile. That's called "duping delight," a psychological term for when the subconscious mind takes pleasure in fooling people. "You're smiling out of context because you can't suppress your inner feelings about pulling off a lie," Brown said. "She's expressing cognitive and emotional dissonance. She's thinking, 'This is my job, I have to do what I'm told, I'm speaking for the president and not myself.'"

As for Sanders' boss, he has lied more than 3,000 times in his first 466 days in office, according to the "Washington Post." That's 6.5 untrue statements per day. On Sunday, CNN reported that Trump lied 11 times in 5 tweets between 9:04 and 9:37am, in which he detailed his conspiracy theory that the FBI had planted a "spy" in his campaign for political purposes — a statement for which there is no evidence.