Tom Steyer one million signatures for petition to impeach trump
Billionaire Tom Seyer urges Americans to sign his petition to impeach President Trump. Credit: YouTube, Tom Seyer

Billionaire investor and Democratic donor Tom Steyer recently launched an advertising campaign to impeach President Trump appears to have a ton of support. 


According to Axios, the petition that Steyer has been promoting through TV advertisements and letter to lawmakers has received close to 1.2 million signatures so far.


Steyer began his multimillion-dollar campaign to impeach President Trump earlier this month when he sent letters to Democrats on Capitol Hill and to governors across the country urging them to promote their views about impeaching President Trump publically. 


As part of the campaign, he also launched a one-minute television ad calling for Trump’s impeachment. The campaign challenges Trump’s stances on several issues including immigration, healthcare and the environment and encourages viewers to sign the petition to on the website 


"He really is an immediate danger to the health and safety of America," Steyer said to Time. "This administration doesn't have a clue."

Time reports the billionaire has spent  "well over ten million dollars" to air the ad in all 50 states.

The ad was first published to Tom Steyer’s YouTube channel on October 19 and has been viewed over one million times. It later ran on Friday during “Fox & Friends.” 

Tom Steyer urges Americans to sign petition to impeach Trump

It appears that President Trump has become aware of the petition to have him impeached. "Wacky and totally unhinged Tom Steyer, who has been fighting me and my Make America Great Again agenda from beginning, never wins elections!" Trump wrote in a tweet on Friday.