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So far, French president Emmanuel Macron has proven to be political kryptonite for President Trump, inspiring Trump to especially embarrass himself. There was the pythonesque handshake showdown at the G20, where Macron roundly beat Trump at his own game. But last week, it was Macron's wife, Brigitte, who turned Trump to jelly. Upon meeting her at during a short jaunt to Paris, Trump remarked that Mme. Macron was "in such good shape. She's in such good physical shape. Beautiful."

This went over as well as just about anything connected to Trump and women, which is to say: Disastrously, with numerous references to the Dark Ages. TV and Twitter commentators united in the condemnation over the weekend. But it's an athletic brand that may have had the best clapback of all.

Reebok instantly shared a flow chart on their social media titled "When Is It Appropriate to Say, 'You're in Such Good Shape...Beautiful'"?  



"Are you in an elevator with a woman?" is one option, which leads to a NO. "Are you a world leader greeting the spouse of a head of state?" "Are you at the gym working out next to a woman?" Also, predictably, NO's.

According to Reebok, there is one scenario when saying "you're in such good shape" is appropriate: "If you find ‘a forgotten action figure from your youth . . . in your parents' basement."

When the textbook on "The Semiotics of Viral Ownership"  is written, this will appear as example #1 in the chapter titled "Straight Savagery."

The tweet brought out a number of Trump defenders, who were owned just as thoroughly:



The White House hasn't commented on whether the president needed some ice for that burn.

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