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A body language expert has analyzed the Trump handshake moment with Melania from the other day and according to her, Donald and Melania Trump's marriage could be in trouble.


Last Friday, President Trump made an appearance at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. After Melania introduced him before members of the military, Trump walked up to her and gave her a hardy handshake.


“You go sit down now, honey,” said Trump while shaking her hand and moving her off the stage.


The less-than-affectionate Trump handshake caused Jimmy Kimmel to roast his awkward moment with Melania during a recent segment on his late night talk show.


It also caused body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to weigh in on Trump and Melania’s recent display of marital affection, or lack thereof. She believes their body language could indicate a sign of trouble in their marriage.


"It makes them look horrible. It makes them look like their marriage is in jeopardy," Glass told AOL News. "It fuels gossip. It makes them look like they’re just in it for the show and she can’t stand him,” she added.

Donald Trump’s every move is scrutinized and whenever he and Melania are spotted together, there is usually something to point out.

Dr. Glass also suggests Donald Trump may not have known what to do under the circumstances. It could have been the formal nature that caused the president of the United States to not fully understand how to act during a military event, so his lack of experience could have contributed to him looking awkward that day.

"Many politicians know what to do, they know how to act, or they’ve been in similar situations before with foreign activities and also with the military," Glass said. "He doesn’t really know what to do. He doesn’t have that background,” the body language expert added. 

Dr. Glass points out that there should be someone from the Office of the Chief of Protocol to guide the president so he doesn’t appear to look awkward or cold during public appearances.

She warns that if the president doesn’t seek advice on how to make public appearances, Donald and Melania Trump will continue to make the headlines for their uncomfortable exchanges and awkward moments.