Trump lawyer Michael Cohen
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. (Photo: Getty Images)

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen rebuffed accusations of racism in the Trump administration by tweeting a photo montage of himself posing with black people.


On Tuesday, the president came under fire for defending white supremacists at Charlottesville in a shambolic press conference at Trump Tower. This morning, Cohen tweeted, "As the son of a holocaust survivor, I have no tolerance for #racism. Just because I support @POTUS @realDonaldTrump doesn't make me a racist"


To illustrate this argument, he attached an eight-photo collage featuring him with African-Americans. (One them was Omarosa Manigault, a contestant on Trump's Apprentice show turned adviser who last Friday was booed off the stage at a National Association for Black Journalists' panel on police brutality.)




Speaking for many, Olivia Nuzzi, the Washington correspondent for New York magazine, tweeted, "Jesus f*cking Christ."

Nuzzi followed up with screenshots of a text conversation she had with Cohen.

"Did you seriously just make a collage of pictures of you with black people to prove you're not racist?" she said.

"Trump is not a racist and neither am I. The attacks against him and all of us who support him are disgusting, disgraceful and hurtful," Cohen responded.

"Ok but why do pictures of you with black people prove that?" said Nuzzi.

"I know President Trump and his heart. All morning I am receiving horrific comments about being anti-black, racist, etc. for supporting Trump. Wrong!" said Cohen.

Aside from that non-answer to Nuzzi's question about Cohen's logic, some found Cohen's point of view unclear.


Cohen attracted a wave of criticism, from politicians to YouTube stars.


Before his posting, Cohen retweeted an article that claimed "Pro-Trump pastor says Charlottesville was caused by the left-wing media."

Cohen has run into some unusual trouble on Twitter before. In May, he tweeted a photo of his college-age daughter posing in a bra and stockings. He was widely derided but unapologetic, and the tweet is still up.