President Trump
Photo: Getty Images

For politicians, Memorial Day is generally a solemn occasion, with an appropriate level of gravitas required at any event. Not so for President Trump, who seemed to be in a party mood yesterday at a memorial, energetically singing along to the National Anthem.

The setting was Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. As the anthem played, Trump swayed back and forth, either singing or lip-syncing occasionally. Defense secretary James Mattis stood stock-still to his right, a grave look on his face.



Trump's baseball-stadium-style buoyancy did not go unnoticed on Twitter, where evaluations ranged from "sassy" to "a toddler" to "everyone's drunk uncle" to "#MAGA":


Trump's unorthodox tribute style echoes that of former president George W. Bush, who in 2016 was caught on video at a memorial for five fallen soldiers, singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" while swaying back and forth and swinging Laura Bush and Michelle Obama's hands with a vigor that was criticized as inappropriately enthusiastic.

At least he didn't flash anyone the middle finger.


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